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Spain Job Seeker Visa

What is Aspire Onsite?

At Aspire Onsite, our mission is to support talented professionals in their migration for employment around the world, whenever their skills are in demand. Simply put, we annually account for the greatest amount of talented international prospects moving for employment.

Every day, we gather and post dozens of verified job openings in the Tech, Sciences, Engineering, management and other fields from firms and recruiters around the globe and we sponsor visas and help the candidates to relocate to different countries of Europe.

What is the Spain's job search visa?

The Spain's job search visa is a residence permit granted to non-EU citizens that allow them to stay in Spain for a maximum period of 24 months (about 2 years), which cannot be extended.

The purpose of their stay is to search for suitable employment corresponding to their level of completed studies or to embark on a business project.

Who Qualifies for a Job Seeking permit for Spain?

If a student/employee is not from the EU, then they will need an employment seeking residence permit for Spain.

What are the requirements for Getting a Job Search Visa for Spain?

1. Have private health insurance which is valid in Spain

  • Public or Private Health Insurance is a mandatory requirement
  • It is worth checking, too, that the insurance company is accredited to operate in Spain.

2. Have A Medical Certificate

  • With health in mind, people applying for the permit also need to make sure that they do not have a disease that can cause a serious risk to public health.
  • Carry a medical certificate or health card that can be provided as evidence if needed.
  • This is in accordance with the International Health Regulations of 2005.

3. Be Legally Entitled to Stay in Spain

  • But it is worth noting that a person applying for a job search visa for Spain should be legally able to stay there.
  • This means the applicant must have no criminal record in Spain or in the person's previous countries of residence for crimes that exist in the Spanish legal system.
  • It is also essential that the person has not been prohibited from entering Spain or been deported from it.

4. Have Proof You Can Fund Your Job Search

  • If a student/employee wants to apply for a job search visa for Spain, their finances need to be in order.
  • To be specific, the applicant needs to be able to show they can cover the cost of their stay.
  • Particularly accommodation and living expenses and the maintenance costs of the applicants' relatives if they are accompanying them.
  • The exact financial details can be found on the Spanish immigration portal.

5. Have Your Qualification Certificate Ready

  • If a student/employee has been authorized to study in a higher education establishment in Spain, applying for the authorization to stay for a further year to look for work should not be a problem.
  • They will need to prove that they have accreditation. A degree certificate, post-graduate or advanced professional qualification certificate is the most appropriate type of document to have ready.
  • This may seem obvious, but it's important to remember that the job seeking visa for Spain can only be applied for when studies are complete, and the student visa is about to expire.

How long does it take to get a Job Seeking Visa for Spain?

  • It's a really speedy process if the applicants' documents are in order – it only takes 20 days!
  • The process is electronic, which is convenient, and the application and fee can be processed during the last 60 days before the student visa expires.
  • The application for a job search visa for Spain is an efficient and easy way of taking the effort out of the paperwork. And anything that helps people who love Spain stay to find work is a good thing!
  • Spain Job Seeker Visa
  • Price: ₹89000