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Italian Language Course

  • TRAINING Two-way live online interactive session A1: 56 Hours (40 hrs Training + 8hrs GD + 8 hrs Exam Prep) A2: 56 Hours (40 hrs Training + 8hrs GD + 8 hrs Exam Prep) B1: 66 Hours (50 hrs Training + 8hrs GD + 8 hrs Exam Prep) B2: 66 Hours (50 hrs Training + 8hrs GD + 8 hrs Exam Prep) C1: 66 Hours (50 hrs Training + 8hrs GD + 8 hrs Exam Prep) C2: 66 Hours (50 hrs Training + 8hrs GD + 8 hrs Exam Prep)
  • PROJECTS Facility to undergo projects in the Italian language, implementation, and more
  • INTERNSHIP To gain an experimental knowledge of the Italian language
  • PLACEMENT 100% Placement Assistance for 1-Year, post successful completion
  • CERTIFICATION Get certiication in Italian Language Training Course from Henry Harvin® Govt. of India recognized and award-winning Institute
  • E-LEARNING ACCESS Access to Abundant Tools and Techniques, Video Content, Assessments, etc
  • BOOTCAMPS Regular Bootcamps spread over the next 12 months
  • HACKATHONS Free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions
  • MEMBERSHIP 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Language Academy for the Italian language Training Course

Key Features

  • Attend Unlimited Batches with Diferent Instructors for the next 1 year without paying anything extra
  • Internship Assistance Post Training
  • 100% Placement Support for 1 Year
  • Hallmark of Certiied Italian Language Course next to your name, for example- Ritwik Sachdev (Certiied Italian Language Course)
  • 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Language Academy
  • 12+ Bootcamps as part of the #AskHenry Series
  • 24x7 Lifetime Support & Access
  • Mobile App Access to Moodle E-Learning Portal
  • Access to 5+ Soft Skills Courses to enhance Employability

Program Curriculum

Beginner Level A1

Learn the basics of day-to-day conversation such as talking about your likes, and dislikes, knowing the numbers, alphabet, habitual actions, and more. Learn grammar & its usage.

Main Topics
  • Introducing yourself
  • Saying hello and goodbye
  • Nationality
  • Asking and Saying how one is
  • Apologizing
  • Spelling one's name
  • Ordering Food
  • Reading simple menu
  • Asking and telling time
  • Personal Subject Pronouns
  • Deinite and indeinite articles
  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Present Tense of a regular verb
  • Interrogatives

Beginner Level A2

Learn to communicate in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment & matters in areas of immediate basic need

Main Topics
  • Topics
  • Booking a table at a restaurant
  • Understanding a menu
  • Understanding simple city directions
  • Expressing agreements/disagreements
  • Adjectives
  • Some Italian recipes
  • Some expressions of place
  • Talking about past events
  • Writing a greeting card
  • The verb sapere and potere
  • More about the verb piacere
  • Prepositions in and a
  • Regular and Irregular participles
  • The present perfect
  • The Adverb fa
  • More interrogatives

Intermediate Level B1

At this level learn about academic things, learn how to express your thoughts, wishes, opinions, talk about your lifestyle, etc. Learn grammar & its usage.

Main Topics
  • Describing monuments
  • Giving instructions for a touristic itinerary, a recipe, or a set of rules
  • Making Reservations
  • Talking about your family, yourself, and your origins
  • Inviting and accepting an invitation
  • Describing situations and events in the past
  • Agreeing and disagre
  • Revising previous grammar lessons
  • The imperative of regular and relexive verbs
  • Possessive pronouns and adjectives
  • The imperfect tense
  • Use of imperfect and present perfect tense

Intermediate Level B2

This level will help you to enhance your vocabulary, and learn a proper accent, letters, abbreviations, and things related to technology, media, and more. Learn grammar & its usage to the next level

Main Topics
  • Building friendly, informal relationships
  • Projects and wishes for the future
  • Hypothesis, suppositions, and resolutions
  • World of work
  • Telling the plot of a movie/book
  • Streets and street signs
  • Conlict and resolutions
  • The Future tense
  • The present progressives
  • Simple and combined prepositions
  • Absolute Superlative
  • Pronominal verbs
  • Exclamations

Advanced Level C1

Learn synonyms, antonyms, formal speech, etc. Learn advanced grammar & its usage

Main Topics
  • Topics
  • Preliminary topics of student's choice
  • Expressing expectations, hopes, and doubts
  • Talking about social and political issues
  • Talking about changes in your life
  • Analyzing and equating newspapers articles
  • Understanding poetic languages
  • Perception of time in different Cultures
  • Future perspective, innovative ideas, and multicultural
  • Hypothetical constructions
  • Imperfect subjunctive
  • Combined Object pronouns
  • The imperative + pronouns
  • The formation of adverbs
  • Adjectives ending in -oso and -bile

Advanced Level C2

Gain proiciency at this level with high-level grammar and vocabulary. Get all your communi - cation skills polished.

Main Topics
  • A wide range of topics based on student's own choice
  • Global issues, popular science, environment
  • Media and Advertising
  • Culture and entertainment
  • Topics used to spark conversations
  • Online Classes
  • 1 to 1 Advantage
  • Flexible Dates
  • Flexible Timings
  • Placement Support
  • Italian
  • Price: ₹25000