With Aspire Onsite, Navigate Your UAE Residence Work Permit Journey Efficiently

Blogs With Aspire Onsite, Navigate Your UAE Residence Work Permit Journey Efficiently

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With Aspire Onsite, Navigate Your UAE Residence Work Permit Journey Efficiently

By aspireonsite | March 01, 2024

There are four primary residence work visas available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and we at Aspire Onsite will help you get any of these to your liking.

Types of UAE Residence Visas-

1. Standard Work Visa: Allowed to workers in government, private, or free zones, this visa is valid for 2 years. In order to be eligible for the same one must have a valid job offer from a UAE-based company. Candidate must also have the specific educational and experience requirements for the offered position, as set by the employer and relevant authorities.

2. Golden Visa: Long Term residency (5 or 10 years) for particular groups, such as specialists, investors, and business owners. Permits investing, working, and studying without a sponsor. Family members of visa holders are also eligible for this residence visa, including spouses and children of any age.

3. Green Residence Visa (work): Launched in 2021, renewable for 5 years. Acceptable without a sponsor to independent contractors, private employees, and skilled laborers. There are prerequisites for specific eligibility. This scheme provides more autonomy and freedom than regular work permits. Although auxiliary services employees are not the intended audience, some qualified individuals in these sectors may be qualified.

4. Auxiliary Services Workers Visa: Auxiliary services workers are eligible for a certain visa category offered by the United Arab Emirates, which is categorized under the resident visa type. With the potential of a renewal, this visa permits holders to work and reside in the United Arab Emirates for a set amount of time, usually two years. This visa is meant for people who work in auxiliary service positions such as personal assistants, drivers, gardeners, cleaners, and security guards.

Aspire Onsite: Your Go-To Source for Obtaining a UAE Residence Work Permit-

Aspire Onsite can help you navigate the complex process of acquiring a work permit for the United Arab Emirates. They are able to help with:

* Selection of visa: Aspire Onsite can assist you in determining the best visa choice based on your unique situation and credentials.

• Application procedure: Aspire Onsite can help you collect the required paperwork, fill out the application, and make sure all conditions are satisfied.

* Liaison with authorities: In order to facilitate easy communication and prompt processing of your application, Aspire Onsite can serve as a liaison between you and the appropriate UAE authorities.

You can obtain a better chance of obtaining your preferred visa and handle the UAE residence work permit process more easily by taking advantage of Aspire Onsite's experience.